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NLS Has Developed Numerous Law Projects to Help Focus on Specific Needs

Core Services

Nevada Legal Services can help with a variety of legal issues.  We primarily assist with housing cases where tenants are facing eviction or termination of their subsidized housing, where individuals and families are applying for and are denied or terminated from SNAP, TANF, or other government benefits, denials of Unemployment Benefits and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, sealing criminal and eviction records, and more.  If you are in need of legal assistance, visit our Online Intake portal by clicking the link above.  Scroll down to learn more about our other projects.

Tenants' Rights Center

Having a problem with your landlord or facing eviction?  Legal service provided by the Tenant’s Rights Center ranges from advice to preparation of pro se forms depending on the scope of the problem, staff availability and where you live. 

Nevada Legal Services Rural Consumer Law
Nevada Legal Services Indian Law Project

Indian Law Project

The Indian Law Project helps tribes and individual tribal members with legal issues.  The ILP is funded through grants from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Administration, individual tribes, and the Legal Services Corporation.

Farmworker Law Project

Nevada Legal Services advocates for the farmworkers and migrant families in Nevada through our Farmworker Law Program (FLP). FLP is a statewide program that provides outreach visits and legal representation for migrant and seasonal farmworkers. We advocate for workplace safety, health standards, and fair wages by empowering farmworkers to understand their rights through outreach and education.

Nevada-Legal-Services Special Law Projects Farmworker Law Project
Nevada Legal Services Senior Law Project

Senior Law Project

The Senior Law Project (SLP) of Nevada Legal Services, Inc., assists seniors across Nevada with legal issues ranging from estate planning to elder abuse and neglect and representation in guardianship proceedings.

Veterans Law Project

Six years ago the Veterans Project was created in collaboration with HELP USA and their Veteran Service Project. NLS staff work in collaboration with HELP USA and the VA to provide referrals to NLS staff that can assist veterans with a variety of legal issues. 

Nevada Legal Services Veteran Law

Consumer Law Project

Nevada Legal Services’ Consumer Law Project provides free civil legal services and legal education to veterans, seniors and other Nevadans facing housing or consumer problems. Attorneys are located in the Reno and Las Vegas offices and serve eligible clients in every county across the state.

HIV Impact and LGBTQ+ Project

Nevada Legal Services’ HIV Impact Project provides free civil legal services and legal education for people enrolled in Ryan White Part B or those living with HIV who reside in Nevada.  Our LGBTQ+ Project works to advance rights and provide outreach to LGBTQ+ Nevadans.

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