Senior Law Project

The Senior Law Project (SLP) is a department of Nevada Legal Services, Inc., a private, statewide, nonprofit, public interest law firm funded by grants from the Legal Services Corporation, the Nevada Law Foundation, Aging and Disabilities Services Division, District Court filing fees and client donations. We provide free legal services to individuals 60 years and older who reside across Nevada.

The Senior Law Project (SLP) provides a wide variety of services, depending on the need and type of problems, including:

  • Advice
  • Brief Service—e.g., resolving a problem with an agency or repairing a relationship with a landlord.
  • Representation in an administrative forum such as the Social Security Administration, Reno Housing Authority and Division of Welfare and Supportive Services.
  • Representation in courts of law.
  • Community Legal Education.
  • Home visits to aid the provision of services to the homebound.
  • Legal information via brochures and website covering a broad spectrum of relevant issues.
  • Self-help packets designed to enable seniors to provide self representation.
  • Preparation of documents 

Case Priorities

The SLP, with its limited resources, has prioritized the types of cases which most affect low income, frail and minority seniors. Its highest priorities are as follows.

Consumer Matters

  • Enforcement of federal and state consumer laws such as Fair Debt Collection and Truth in Lending Violations.
  • Enforcement of exemption rights/debt issues such as garnishment.
  • Consumer fraud/exploitation.

Housing Issues

  • Landlord/Tenant matters including evictions, termination of housing assistance, denial of housing assistance and living conditions.
  • Housing discrimination issues including reasonable accommodation and modifications.
  • Public Housing and other subsidized housing issues.
  • Mobile Home issues.
  • Documents such as Homesteads and Affidavits of Death of Joint Tenant.

Elder Rights Law

  • Elder abuse/neglect
  • Discrimination against elders
  • Nursing home rights

Government Benefits and Entitlements:

Denials, reductions, terminations and overpayments of benefits for:

  • Food Stamps (SNAP)
  • Supplemental
  • Security Income
  • Social Security Benefits (excluding disability)
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Tax Controversies—liens, levies, offers in compromise.
  • Medicaid and Medicare issues.
  • Criminal Representation
  • Plaintiffs in personal injury actions, including medical malpractice
  • Real Estate sales and purchases
  • Divorce Actions
  • Advice regarding selection of insurance policies
  • Financial Planning

Lifetime Planning Issues

  • Basic lifetime planning consultation
  • Document preparation, including:
      • Living Wills
      • Simple Wills
      • Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Financial Matters.
      • Small Estate Probate (Under $100,000) and Affidavit of Entitlements

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