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Las Vegas Office Working Remotely

Our Las Vegas office location is temporarily closed to the public due to flood damage. We are continuing to work remotely while repairs are completed. To request assistance, please call 702-386-0404 or complete an online intake application at We appreciate your patience during this time.

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Estate Planning and Procrastination: Doing Nothing is a Choice

By Kristen A. Moe, Esq. We all do it. Sometimes we say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, and tomorrow never comes. Procrastination is the “thief of time”.[1] Some people delay Estate Planning because of a perception that Wills are complicated, others may have difficulty talking about the subject for personal reasons or think that their estates

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NLS Litigation Director Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Nevada Legal Services’ Litigation Director David Olshan recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award in connection with Vegas Inc’s 2022 Top Lawyers publication.  Although he is not one to seek public praise, we are thrilled to see David receive this well-deserved honor.   David has committed his career to public service, having spent 32 years (and counting) fighting

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Program Spotlight:  The Senior Law Project

The Senior Law Project (SLP) provides free legal services to Nevadans 60 years and older.  The SLP is the only program of its kind that serves older adults in the entire state of Nevada.  The staff attorneys of the project provide a wide range of legal assistance depending on the individuals’ needs.  The services offered

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Holographic Wills (Not the same as a hologram)

By Lidia G. Rincon, Esq. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “Holographic Will” as “One that is entirely written, dated, and signed by hand of the testator himself.” Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 133.090 defines “Holographic Will” as “A will in which the signature, date and material provisions are written by the hand of the testator, whether or

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May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

 By Lidia G. Rincon, Esq. Depression is not a normal part of aging.  Depression is a medical condition that manifests itself differently in younger and older adults.  Although treatable, depression often goes undiagnosed, especially among older adults.     According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, depression is more common in individuals who suffer from

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Program Spotlight – Pro Bono Program

At Nevada Legal Services, we also have a wide range of issues that can be addressed through the Pro Bono Program.  Family Law, Bankruptcy and Wills are some of the most common areas that our pro bono attorneys take on.  By completing an intake through our website, in person, or over the phone, we can

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Avoiding Unwanted Surprises – The No Surprise Act

Thousands of Americans face unexpected medical bills every year. Simply having health insurance is not enough for many to avoid this reality. Many hospitals have made it difficult for average Americans to determine whether they are in-network, in which their insurance will cover the expenses, or out-of-network, where the individual may be responsible for all

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‘Tis the Season for Taking

I don’t know how you feel but I feel like the phone scammers are getting more creative and their phone calls are out of control.  One day, it is the warranty center calling me to tell me my car warranty is about to expire and the next day, I learn that my social security number

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