Guardianship: What You Should Know

Britney Spears has been widely reported in the news recently, for the nightmare under her California conservatorship. For thirteen years, accounts allege that Spears was like a prisoner in her own home, unless she was out making money for her estate, paying for her keepers and attorneys to perpetuate their lifestyle at her expense. How could this happen and why should we care? Fortunately, Nevada Legal Services is taking the lead in helping adults who have been or will be affected by Guardianships (or Conservatorships as they are called in other jurisdictions, such as where Ms. Spears resides).

Data from the U.S. Justice Department suggest that there are over a million guardianship cases in our country. Many of these guardianships involve adults or minors who are disabled or have other limitations, including elders who have no resources to fight a guardianship. According to the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, the number one complaint is guardians who try to isolate older adults from their loved ones. Many of these cases involve situations, such as in the Spears case, where a person is robbed not only of their personal financial resources, but also of any meaningful right to live their own lives. And this is where Nevada Legal Services comes in. We zealously advocate for the all the rights under the Nevada Guardianship laws, including the Protected Person’s Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution to which our clients are entitled. Those rights include the right to an attorney and the right to due process under the law. Most importantly, they include the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

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