Free Legal Kiosks Connect Nevadans with Legal Information

By Susan L. Myers, Esq.

Nevadans looking for legal information and resources can now find it at their local library, for free, through a legal kiosk. The Legal Kiosk Project, of which I am the Project Manager, recently launched at 22 libraries across Nevada. The Project’s intent is to address the digital divide exposed by the pandemic, which disproportionately affected seniors and those without adequate access to technology, by making legal information more available to older Nevadans, underserved communities, and all those with questions. The legal kiosks are part of an effort to expand access to justice in Nevada, including several efforts funded through the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division.

A legal kiosk is a dedicated computer that serves as a portal to curated civil legal information and resources. It was designed to be user-friendly and is available in English and Spanish. Topics include Seniors and Planning Ahead, Family Problems, Money Problems, Housing (including Landlord/Tenant), Guardianship, and Domestic Violence and Protection Orders. Additionally, kiosk users can learn where to find free legal help and forms and community resources, as well as find a guide to Nevada’s courts. The kiosks offer free printing for legal forms. Users also can participate in virtual court hearings or meetings with their attorneys through the kiosk. 

The Legal Kiosk Project partnered with public libraries because they are a natural and familiar place where people go for information. Libraries were already fielding legal questions, including where to find forms. The kiosks provide a resource to which library staff can direct patrons with legal questions. The 22 kiosks are distributed among rural and urban communities in Carson City and Clark, Churchill, Elko, Lyon, Mineral, Nye, Washoe, and White Pine Counties. For more information on the Project, including kiosk locations, see

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