Author: Kayana M. Cobb, Esq.

‘Tis the Season for Taking

I don’t know how you feel but I feel like the phone scammers are getting more creative and their phone calls are out of control.  One day, it is the warranty center calling me to tell me my car warranty is about to expire and the next day, I learn that my social security number

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2024 Supportive Housing Initiative – AB130

By Kayana M. Cobb, Esq. In 2023, Nevada State legislators estimated that roughly 7,000 Nevadans were actively experiencing homelessness, and/or desperately need affordable housing with supportive services. Countless organizations in Nevada work tirelessly, and often collaboratively among government and non-profits or other charitable organizations to ameliorate the state’s tremendous problem with the lack of affordable

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An introduction to Consumer Law

Nevada Legal Services offers a broad range of legal assistance through its Consumer Law Project. We can assist you with: contesting a debt collection amount arising from medical costs, credit cards, unpaid rent, towing costs, car repossession costs, unpaid HOA dues, or utility bills; disputing incorrect or fraudulent credit report information; answering a lawsuit for

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Avoiding Unwanted Surprises – The No Surprise Act

Thousands of Americans face unexpected medical bills every year. Simply having health insurance is not enough for many to avoid this reality. Many hospitals have made it difficult for average Americans to determine whether they are in-network, in which their insurance will cover the expenses, or out-of-network, where the individual may be responsible for all

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